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In this page, you can find the certificate for your further action. 

It's a great opportunity to help you remember the award you gain in the competition. Click on the text to download your certificate. It is all about the relevant details of the competition.


2021 MATE ROV Competition World Championship
MATE水底機械人世界錦標賽 2021

 Siu Hin MA | Sam Yeung YEUNG | Yee Lam LEE | Ho Kuen AU

2021 Live Remote VEX Robotics World Championship
線上遙距VEX機械人世界錦標賽 2021

Hong Kong Tech Challenge Game 2021
香港工程挑戰賽 2021


2019 Hong Kong Youth Improvement Award
2019 第五屆全港青少年進步獎


2019 Worlds Robot Contest Champions
2019 世界機器人大賽冠軍賽

 Siu Hin MA, Wai Cheong LO, Sam Yeung YEUNG  (7984D)

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