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CMAss Robotics Team shows International Robots at 53rd Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo

CMAss Robotics Team has been invited to display their great success at 53rd Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo in Victoria Park from 15 Dec 2018 to 07 Jan 2019. During

Left: This robot belongs to TEAM CMAA and competed in VEX U Competition (University Level). It represented Hong Kong to participate in 2018 VEX Robotics Worlds Championship.

International Competition Robot

Left: 2018 VEX Worlds Robot (7984) Right: 2018 ROV (ETA)

Right: It is a underwater robot called ETA. This is 7th generation of our underwater robot. It was a Hong Kong CHAMPION of Ranger Class (Secondary School Level) and competed in MATE International ROV Competition.

Robot Demonstration


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