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Game 2017-18

Game Overview:

At the beginning of a match, each robot must only contact the floor within a 13" x 13" area, fit within a 13" x 20" area, bounded by the Starting Position and be not taller that 15".


The object of the game is to attain the highest score by Scoring colored Rings on the Floor Goal and on Posts, by having Uniform Posts, by Emptying Starting Pegs, and by Releasing the Bonus Tray.


There are a total of sixty (60) Rings available as scoring objects in the game. There are seven (7) Posts to score on, one (1) Floor Goals, three (3) Starting Pegs, and one (1) Bonus Tray on the field.


Competition History


20 January 2018 
VEX IQ Challenge 2018 Hong Kong
Hong Kong
25-26 November 2017 
Asia Open Shenzhen Divisional Championship
Shenzhen, China
24-27 August 2017
RoboCom Adolescence Challenge 
Beijing, China
Teamwork Champion
(Qualify for VEX Worlds 2018)
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Teamwork Finalist
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