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A STEM Eductaion to be continues for CMAss Graduated Students

About VEX  U

VEX U is a version of the VEX Robotics Competition that has been modified for collegiate / university students. Teams build two robots using the VEX EDR robotics platform that work together to solve an engineering challenge presented in the form of a game. Each year’s VEX U game is typically similar in structure and rules to its corresponding VEX Robotics Competition game. However, a larger emphasis is placed on programming, sensors, and advanced build techniques such as 3D printing. Also, VEX U teams are allowed more customization and greater flexibility than other grade levels while providing the effective costs and real-world limitations of a restricted development environment.


VEX U is played on a 12’x12’ square field and had two alliances – one “red” and one “blue” . It played 1-team vs. 1-team, with a twist: each team will use TWO Robots in each match. This means every team gets to build their own partner! For the first robot, it must be smaller than 15” x 15” x 15”. For the second robot, it must be smaller than 24” x 24” x 24”. The compeition consits Autonomous Period at the beginning of every Match will be 45 seconds and Driver Control Period will be shortened to 75 seconds and immediately follows the Autonomous Period. Teams can also compete in individual Programming or Robot Skills trials. 

About CMAss VEX U Team 

CMAss VEX U Team started at 2015. Members were graduated from CMA Seconadry School and the mentors of CMAss Robotics Team. After they graduated, they become university and post-seondary students. Moreover, they still join lots of activity related to STEM. It offers a platform to involve STEM eductaion and emphasizes on highly contextualized environment by using and making connection with the skills of STEM in actually job.
In 2016, CMAss VEX U Team decide to participate the first VEX U in VEX worlds. 
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Game 2018-19

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Game 2017-18

Game 2015-16

Game 2016-17

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