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廠商會中學獲邀協辦 「VEX IQ 機械人香港區選拔賽」

CMA Monthly Bulletin (December 2020 Issue) 


2020 年 1 月本會屬下之廠商會中學,有幸被 邀請為全港中小學協辦「VEXIQ 2020 機械 人香港區選拔賽」(2020 VEX IQ Hong Kong Championship)。比賽當日合共有 500 多名 参賽者,約 100 隊,他們分別來自 22 間小學 及 13 間中學,當中還有坊間不同的科研機構 派代表參賽。大家的共同目標雖是要爭奪總 冠軍,但同時也很珍惜共同砌磋的好機會。 參賽者都希望勝出後可代表香港,到美國肯 塔基州 路易斯維爾 (Kentucky Louisville) 出 戰 2020 VEX 機械人世界錦標賽 (2020 VEX Robotics Worlds Championship)。這肯定是 個人和團隊之光。

In January 2020, CMA Secondary School was honoured to be invited to assist in co-organising the yearly exciting event, 2020 VEXIQ Robotics Hong Kong Championship. Approximately 500 participants grouped in 100 teams who were from 22 primary schools and 13 secondary schools as well as representatives from different research institutes joined the competition. It not only provided a golden opportunity for all participants to exchange their views on science and technology but also an occasion to fight for entering the world-class game, 2020 VEX Robotics World Championship to be held in Kentucky Louisville, U.S.A., in which they would be able to compete with other extraordinary teams from all around the globe. Being the winners would definitely be the glories of the teams as well as the individuals.

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